I am new to Datamapper. I have written a Rails application in which I have 
used three models A, B and C.

*   class A
      include DataMapper::Resource
      property :id, Serial
      has n, :cs, :through => Resource
    class C
      include DataMapper::Resource
      property :id, Serial
      has n, :c_as
      has n, :as, :through => :c_as

    class B
      include DataMapper::Resource
      belongs_to :a, :required => true
      belongs_to :c, :required => true

Now as part of index action of my as_controller in *index.html.haml* I have 
used the following codes:

    *-a.c.each do |c|
In this *a.c.each *lazy loading happen, so in each iteration unnecessarily 
the statement *a.c* is being evaluated that takes too much time, even if I 
same *a.c* to a third temporary object like *b = a.c * and use *b.each*then 
also lazy loading happens on this line only. Is there any way to avoid 
that so that the statement is evaluated only once just before this block?

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