I'm responding far after the original post, but...

I suspect it is a universal property of ORMs that they will not usually be 
able to construct an SQL query that is as efficient as what someone could 
write by hand.  I have seen similar cases to yours where DataMapper just 
didn't have enough information to connect the dots to build a single query 
that joined several tables, and instead made an initial query to pull 
records out of one table, and then generated a second query that included 
something like  "... WHERE other_table_id IN (3,6,10,17,24,31,35,38,40)." 
 It makes old RDBMS people cringe, to be sure, but using an ORM is not 
about generating optimal SQL.

We ignore these inefficiencies because of the way that an ORM allows us to 
manipulate related data objects in the natural way of the language we're 
writing in. Also, if the relevant objects have already been loaded into the 
application using DataMapper, it is often the case that the underlying 
relational database doesn't need to get called at all.


On Monday, May 6, 2013 5:57:50 PM UTC-5, Tiago Matos wrote:
> Hello, 
> I have a performance related question. 
> We have a call which runs multiple times per page load. After reading 
> http://datamapper.org/docs/associations.html we currently have 
> TranslationTarget.first(:translation_key => {:source => source}) but it 
> first does a query to table TranslationKey then the query 
> to TranslationTarget:
> DEBUG -  (0.000468) SELECT `id` FROM `translation_keys` WHERE (`source` = 
> 'Top Referrers' AND `domain` = 'admin')
>   DEBUG -  (0.002409) SELECT `id`, `revision_status`, 
> `revision_account_email`, `locale`, `updated_at`, `translation_key_id`, 
> `account_id` FROM `translation_targets` WHERE (`translation_key_id` = 369 AND 
> `locale` = 'pt' AND `revision_status` = 'approved') ORDER BY `id` LIMIT 1
> *(domain and revision_status are not very important fields, just filters)*
> Is there a way to use Datamapper here and avoid direct SQL?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Tiago Duarte Matos
> http://tiagomatos.org

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