I found this interesting article by a guy who downloaded and processed the 
Voter list of Delhi: https://medium.com/p/1aff55526881

I found this via a discussion on Reddit: 

I'll like to quote his findings here: 

   1. It is possible to automate the retrieval of every single PDF roll all 
   across India
   2. These PDFs can then be processed in a matter of minutes to produce 
   details like Addresses, names, father’s name, gender, age and voters ID 
   number for every single registered voter of India
   3. Nearly 25% of the Voter IDs assigned within only Delhi fail to 
   conform to the government format, and fail the Luhn Checksum test used to 
   validate them. It is likely that other states are in a similar, if not 
   worse condition


Devdatta Tengshe

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