Dear All,

We are growing both offline and online. So its important to have code of
conduct. We already have one for the Email List[1] on the website. But we
do so many offline events that it becomes important to have a generic one
which applies to all the activities we do.

There are great examples out in the world. Django[2] and Python's CoC have
been recommended as the best in the community. So like any other software
project I have cloned their CoC. They encourage it, in fact Django's is
based on Speakups[3].

Here is the initial version of *DataMeet community CoC[4]*. It applies to
everyone of us. Comments are welcome. I will mark it as Version 1 by the
month end. So send your comments asap.

We also need to create an FAQ and Reporting similar to Django[5][6]. Once
that is done, I will post it to the list and blog for everyone to see and

But unlike CoC, it would be a great if a group from the community does
that. If anyone on the list is interested in working on it, email me. Most
of this work will be done on DataMeet Wiki.



Thejesh GN *⏚* ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್

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