Dear all,

I am currently trying to find a map of wards in Delhi that would match the 
census data of 2011. I tried to join ward wise population data from the 
census website with a shape file I found in this group (see this page :!searchin/datameet/ward/datameet/1b_VhZ8leJE/dRhs5M3FprAJ).
It appears that this data was extracted from this website :

The problem is : I am not sure that ward bounderies used for the 2011 
census match ward bounderies found on this web site. For example, ward 
n°177 (Sangam Vihar) is supposed to have a population of 107 021 (which is 
one of the largest ward population in Delhi). But when I surimpose 
satellite images on this population map, the ward n°177, supposedly 
crawded, contains mostly vegetated area. 

I double checked everything and the only explanation I could find is that 
the census wards and the wards extracted from the previous website have 
different bounderies.

Would someone has an idea or a "census 2011" ward wise shp that I could use 
to get the right population in the matching ward ?

Thanks a lot !

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