My name is Udayan and I am an Interaction Design (M.Des.) student at IDC, 
School of Design, IIT Bombay.

I am currently working on an academic project to visualize real time indian 
railway information for the benefit of Indian citizens.

I would like my visualization to show each train (as and when queried upon) as 
an interactive trail between stations (on its route). I would like my 
visualization to show train timetable, compare trains and most importantly to 
show the real time train running information interactively. I would like my 
visualization to aid the users know that what is the punctuality or lateness 
trend of a train, where a train is currently, what is the estimated time that 
it will reach the next (or 'X') station on its route, etc.

Visualization is the next step, but currently I am a bit stuck on how to get 
the data. I understand that scraping the railway website should be the last 
resort and hence was trying to find APIs that could help get the data for me. I 
found two APIs:
1. http://railwayapi.com/
2. http://api.erail.in/

I tried to get the key for the API from the above two websites. I received a 
free key from http://railwayapi.com/ but it has a 3 month validity and a 
limitation of 100 hits a day. That is too less for a public project.

My request to the website http://api.erail.in/ has not returned a reply. 

I also found a CSV file containing train timetable for the year 2015 from 
data.gov.in/ but that does not help my cause that much.

I would really appreciate it if you all can help me get the data for my 
project, suggest API or anything else.

Udayan Vidyanta
IDC, School of Design,
IIT Bombay.

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