I'm working on some mapping projects where the goal is to be able to 
publish the map legally within India. To do this, we need to use the "Gov't 
of India - Approved" borders for India (particularly disputed borders). The 
closest we've come is to use GADM India Border 
<>, but this is not officially approved by 
Gov't of India, and makes some comprimises around disputed borders. We have 
also used Natural Earth Disputed Borders 
as an overlay, but this is also not the ideal solution.

So, does anyone know how to find an officially approved map of India's 
borders? Ideally machine readable (Shapefile, GeoJSON), but alternatively 
as an image? A PDF? Even can you get any printed physical maps that are 
officially approved? I have not been able to find these maps anywhere. Many 
thanks in advance. 🙏 

Best regards,

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