Hi all - non-COVID query for once. I'm a PhD student working on political 
economy and applied econometrics.
I'm working on a couple of projects that would greatly benefit from 
booth-level election returns, and was wondering if anyone had archived 
form20 data from the official ECI site, which points to different states' 
CEOs [https://eci.gov.in/statistical-report/link-to-form-20/].
It'd be great to build on what's available in Raphael Susewind's fantastic 
archive https://github.com/raphael-susewind/india-religion-politics, which 
includes returns for a few rounds for UP and 1 for Gujarat iirc]. I'm 
interested in Vidhan sabha results for Andhra / Telangana for 2014 for a 
project, but the ECI link for Vidhan Sabha 2014 for Andhra and Telangana 
are both broken, and I've had no luck with archive.org. If anyone has the 
pdfs for the election years I'm looking for, I'd really appreciate any 
pointers, and I also welcome any interest in pooling efforts to digitise 
more election-state-years from the pdfs. which are of varying quality and 
will probably require a decent amount of work [and I will likely have to 
code from scratch, since I don't speak good enough perl to adapt Raphael's 


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