Hello Sarath!

I've found out a programmatic way to eliminate the hassle with using the
It's true that the averages across multiple frequencies do not match at

I'm working on a client that returns a dataframe for a given date, range,
sampling frequency  and station.
Will push the code over the weekend and post an update here.

There's a simple interface that I'm also writing alongside which will
easily let us understand what are different stations and parameters
available in a particular station.

1. https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/states lists the states which have
2. http://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/state/<
<http://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/Assam>state> eg.,
http://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/state/Assam returns a list of cities that
have active stations within that state.
3. https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/city/<
<https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/city/Guwahati>city> eg.,
https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/city/Guwahati returns a list of
available stations in that city.
4. https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/station/<
<https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/station/site_5073>station_id> eg.,
https://love-the-air.herokuapp.com/station/site_5073 returns a list of
parameters that are specific to that particular station.

The code is available here https://github.com/sakethramanujam/love-the-air


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