Hi Saba,

When loading the site, there is a single 6.5 MB JSON file that gets 
downloaded and seems to have all the spatial data on the site. That JSON 
file can then be split into individual files corresponding to each spatial 

I've gone ahead and done this already, so you should be able to find 
GeoJSONs corresponding to each of the spatial features on the below GitHub 
repository. I've also included the script I used for splitting the JSON 
into the feature-wise GeoJSONs.


The repository should already cover all the data on the site but if I've 
missed any spatial data on the site, I could try and add it.


On Friday, 27 January 2023 at 13:39:16 UTC+5:30 smun...@gmail.com wrote:

> Hello, 
> Does anyone know how to get the data (spatial file) from this site: 
> https://gis-siidcul.com/
> Best,
> Saba

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