Thanks Tim, this is very helpfull and indeed very easy!




Van: Dataperf [] Namens Tim Rude
Verzonden: maandag 7 augustus 2017 20:23
Onderwerp: Re: [Dataperf] user rights / is it possible to avoid deleting by a 


Yes, it can be done, and very easily at that.

You need to restrict access to the Panel List and only allow users to access 
panels via a menu. Then for the menu option that goes to the panel, you can 
select Panel Access Rights of 'Read/Write', 'No Delete', 'Create OK - No 
Edit/Delete', or 'Read Only'. So in your case, you'd want 'No Delete'.

You'll also want to restrict access to the Report List since a user that can 
access the Report List could create a report that would delete records. So all 
of the reports you want users to be able to run also need to be put on a menu.

I generally add an entry to the main menu to go to the Panel List and then 
assign a password to it. That way I can get in and make necessary modifications 
as needed while preventing users from messing things up.

Finally, don't forget to protect the database with a Definer password 
(Shift-F9, 5). Otherwise anyone can hit Alt-F8 from your main menu and do 
whatever they want.

Tim Rude

On 8/7/2017 12:34 PM, Peter Boekestijn wrote:

Dear fellow DP experts,


Is there a way to avoid a user to delete records? Only to create, read, update?


I do have some issue with a tax-inspector about our admin processes. He found 
it not acceptable that every user can simply delete a record. In 35.000 sales 
invoices he found 11 numbers missing!


Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards,

Peter Boekestijn

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