I am having trouble including covariates in a fuzzy RDD model in R with
rddtools. I run the following commands:

    data.complete2 <- as.data.frame(cbind(GDPpc.rel, GR.rate,
fitval.firstStage)) colnames(data.complete2) <- c("GDPpc.rel", "GR.rate",
    data.RDD<-rdd_data(x=data.complete2$GDPpc.rel, y=data.complete2$GR.rate,
z=data.complete2$FitTreat, covar=dummytime, cutpoint = 0.75) 
y=data.complete2$GR.rate, z=data.complete2$FitTreat, covar=cbind(dummytime,
dummyreg), cutpoint = 0.75)
    reg_para <- rdd_reg_lm(rdd_object=data.RDD, covar.opt = list(strategy=
"include"), order = 4)
    reg_para1 <- rdd_reg_lm(rdd_object=data.RDD1,  covar.opt = list(strategy
= "include"), order = 4)

where dummytime and dummyreg are two dummy variables considering time and
regional effects.

The problem is that looking at the summary of the two regressions, they seem
to be exactly the same and the coefficient which should refer to the dummy
variables is not reported. My guess is that I did not actually implement the
covariates in the regression, but I cannot understand where is the problem.
Any suggestion? 

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