I've tried to use a tutorial to create a kitegraph in R studio using data
from a belt transect of plants in an orchard. There are other transects to
plot but I started with this one. The tutorial I've followed is here:

I've formatted my data in a .csv file correctly (I'm 99% sure) and have
followed the script exactlly from the tutorial, enabling the 'graphics'
package first. The tutorial stated that it uses the "base graphics options
in R" but I wasn't sure what this meant so I installed the 'graphics'
package as a result (could this be where I have gone wrong?)

So far my kite graph is not coming out correctly.

Can anyone help with this? I'm not savvy enough with R to fix this myself.
I've attached my .csv file and R-script (minus the 'graphics' package
installation part of the script) 
Transect1.csv <http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/file/t386289/Transect1.csv>  

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am attempting here to provide a method
for a student group to display their transect data without drawing the
kitegraphs by hand.



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