On Thu, 1 Nov 2007, Jonathan Leffler wrote:

That is impressive - I got the notification that 2007i was released about
two hours ago (according to Gmail) through my subscription to the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list.

Well done!

Thanks. However, the only thing I really did was automate the process of turning a new Olson release into a DT::TZ release. If you look at the DT::TZ repo, you'll see a script called tools/update-from-latest-olson.

It grabs the tarballs from ftp, compiles zic, and installs the latest Olson data on my machine. Then it makes the Perl modules from the same data, and generates a bunch of tests using zdump.

All I do after that is run the tests and do the Perl module release bits (run disttest, make a tag, upload the tarball). Since AFAICT the bugs in my Olson-parsing and zone-generating code are either nonexistent or invisible, the tests have been passing for a long time, which is the biggest potential point of failure.

When I used to do all this by hand, releases lagged way too far behind the Olson updates, because it was so darn tedious.


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