I think I may have found a possible solution.  If you go to:


You can find all the cities for a certain country with their
longitude/latitude.  I believe it is possible to know the
longitudes/latitudes for a certain timezone yes?  If so then you can know
all the countries and cities in a certain timezone.  There is also a perl
module for interfacing with the gazetteer data at:


The only problem I have now then is finding the postal codes for the
cities.  Any ideas on that?


On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 1:27 PM, Harder, Paul <

>  That is not, in fact, a unique need.  I have it too, but I find that I am
> having to live my life without satisfying the need. Hmmm..., maybe it's just
> a "want".  The sad fact is that there is no source of information (that I or
> anybody else on this list has been able to find) that gives you what you
> want.  To know all of the cities, towns, villages, hamlets and airports that
> are within a given time zone, you will have to actually visit all of the
> cities, towns, villages, hamlets and airports in the world, ask them what
> time zone they are in, and compile a database from which you can later
> select only those cities, towns, villages, hamlets and airports in the zone
> of interest.  Of course, by the time you finish a small subset of that task,
> some of those cities, towns villages, hamlets and airports will have changed
> from one time zone to another, and they likely won't think to tell you about
> it. To further complicate this, many countries and states are divided among
> multiple time zones, and there is nothing (in principle) to prevent even a
> postal code to be so divided if the folks who live there choose to divide
> it.
> If that sounds like I'm depressed... Call me "Eeyore".  I'm finding ways
> to work around the issue. I hope you do to.
> Then again, if you ever do find a solution to this problem, I hope you'll
> remember to tell all of us here on this list.
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> Hi All,
> I am enjoying DateTime::TimeZone as usual.  I have a unique need to be
> able to somehow know all the countries, cities, and postal codes that are in
> a certain TimeZone, can anyone recommend a way to do that?
> -Tim

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