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> On Mar 1, 2017, at 8:47 PM, Marius Feraru <altb...@n0i.net> wrote:
> ++ make sure you agree with your party what's what, as, for instance, some 
> will say "second Friday of September 2017 is 15th", while others say to be 
> "8th"… and so on. Sorry, I know it's ugly. ;-)

Marius, I didn’t understand your comment here.  Isn’t this a question with only 
one answer, not a matter of having to agree beforehand?  i.e. isn’t the second 
Friday of September 2017 *really* the 8th?  

Also, looking at the week_start_day parameter, wouldn’t ‘1fr’ work better?  
(Then we start counting on the first Friday, so we really get the second Friday 
correctly.)  For me, that gives Sept. 8 as the second Friday of Sept. 2017, 
anyway.  :-)   Likewise for Dec. 8. 

Also, I’ll note that the docs for DateTime::Event::Recurrence give an example 
that’s exactly like the original poster’s code:
# second tuesday of every month
my $set = DateTime::Event::Recurrence->monthly( weeks => 2, days => 2 );
so maybe that should be clarified.  Also, since the docs say “The 
week_start_day parameter is intended for internal use…” that initially implied 
to me that it shouldn’t be set by a caller - so I wonder if there’s another way 
to clarify that in the docs. 


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