Shortly available from all good CPAN mirrors:

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/Z/ZE/ZEFRAM/Time-OlsonTZ-Data-0.201703.tar.gz
  size: 737648 bytes
   md5: f9c045c0bbcc24f9e5cb9f164884951b
  sha1: a1897682fbd3f7ec0d4dfd88c670a5d8694e404a

Changes from the previous release:

  * Olson database version 2017c (code 2017c, data 2017c): 387 canonical
    zones, 206 links

  * in prebuild, work with new form of PD-with-stated-exceptions notice
    in the LICENSE file

  * in documentation, use four-column indentation for all verbatim

  * in META.{yml,json}, point to public bug tracker


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