On 13-Aug-2001 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> I am completely stumped with this one install of xmail.  It will NOT send
> mail.  Not to itself, not to the outside.  It recieves mail just fine from
> both the inside and outside.  Beleive me - I have stared at the various .tab
> files for DAYS.  Tweaked settings and gotten a variety of different results
> - from worse to much worse.  But nothing I do will make it send.
> I have been trying to make this box send mail for over a week - can anyone
> help? (Its a sad thing to see a grown man beg and cry!)

Hint: Try with a fresh install by checking the directory structure ( WinZip
does not restore empty dirs ) and if this will work try a step by step change.
If it does not work maybe you've system/network config problems.

- Davide

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