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On Monday 27 August 2012 01:05 PM, Mohammed, Afzal wrote:
On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 01:27:11, Nori, Sekhar wrote:
On 7/27/2012 5:53 PM, Afzal Mohammed wrote:

This series makes rtc-omap driver DT capable, adds AM33xx
RTC DT support along with a few enchancments to the driver.

rtc-omap driver is made intelligent enough to handle kicker
mechanism. This helps in removing kicker mechanism support
done for DaVinci at platform level.

This has been tested on Beaglebone (AM33xx platform) and on
DaVinci DA850 EVM.

I tested patches 1-5 on AM18x EVM using rtcwake and hwclock commands.
Also tested on DT enabled AM18x EVM using hwclock.

For patched 1-5:

Acked-by: Sekhar Nori<nsek...@ti.com>


I assume you would want me to queue 2/6 through DaVinci tree. That patch
depends on 1/6 being accepted and merged by you. Let me know how you
want to move forward here.
Can you please help 1-5 patches in this series to get into mainline.
1-5 of this series is a prerequisite for adding RTC support for AM335X
SoC's, which is present in beaglebone, AM335X EVM.

This series which adds rtc support for AM335x SoC (ARM
Cortex-A8 from TI) based boards (like beagle bone) and
in the process making omap rtc driver device tree capable
was posted after addressing review comments around
July end. It seems rtc maintainer is not active and you
are taking care of the rtc patches.

Patches 1-5 has been Acked by DaVinci maintainer.

Can you please help this series reach mainline, let me
know whether this series needs to be reposted.

I waited to see response from rtc maintainer, it seems wait went
too far and this mail should have been sent a couple of weeks
before start of merge window.

As merge window is coming to an end, I feel it may be bad to
ask you this , but still: would it be possible to get the series in
during this merge window.

A recap of what this series is about,

omap-rtc driver used by DaVinci and OMAP1 platforms is being
reused for AM335x. Kicker release mechanism that is handled
by DaVinci platform code has been moved to rtc driver. AM335x
also needs to handle kicker mechanism. DT support has been
added to omap-rtc driver, this was necessitated as AM335x
supports only DT boot (DaVinci platform is also going DT way)
Patch 6 adds AM335x DT support (this probably should go
through omap tree). This series has been tested on beagle bone
and DaVinci DA850 EVM.

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