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Henry Jensen <hjen...@gmx.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> I just got a mail from AVG in which they announce AVG for Linux 8.5:
> >We’re pleased to inform you that next month, we will be upgrading
> >all AVG security products to version 8.5, including AVG for
> >Linux/FreeBSD.
> >The new AVG 8.5 for Linux/Free BSD product range now offers 
> [...]
> >-    New AVG-developed REDIRFS-based on-access scanner
> Since Support for AVG 7.5 will be dropped in April we will be forced
> to upgrade.
> Is there any relationship between Dazuko and this "REDIRFS-based
> on-access scanner", or is it something completely different (meaning:
> has AVG dropped Dazuko support)?


the "redirfs-based on-access scanner" as you called it, is avflt,
anti-virus filter for the redirfs framework. The redirfs is a general
framework allowing filters to interact with file system calls and avflt
is using this framework to provide interface for on-access scanning.

To answer your question: yes dazuko and redirfs+avflt are different

We are not dropping support for dazuko. It will be supported in the
upcoming AVG 8.5 for Linux/FreeBSD, but we will recommend to use
redirfs+avfl solution for linux kernels >= 2.6.25. Dazuko solution
should be used for linux kernel < 2.6.25 and of course for FreeBSD
since here the dazuko is, as far as I know, the only solution.

> If so, what does this mean for the future of Dazuko? Are there any
> signals that other AV-vendors will support Dazuko/DazukoFS?

AVG will not support dazukofs for know.

> Regards,
> Henry


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