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> I would like to have the IRR kept open, we have space from various
 > regions and need to be able to make use of a single well known IRR in
 > order to register our policies and be able to mix our ASNs with our
 > space.

>This might indeed be the way forward for "I have a customer in my RIPE
>AS which has APNIC space and wants to document that in a way that that
>provisioning tools can pick this with sufficient trust on data quality".

I agree with the above. 
Being a member of multiple RIR's, the Ripe db is user friendly and a scriptable 
database. I don't want to divide my as-sets and prefix filter generation over 3 
or more different database systems, with the additional maintenance and in some 
cases even less verification. Atleast my RIPE originating objects are secure 
and they make up the majority of my prefixes.

As a result our route objects regardless of origin are noted in the  RIPE 
database. Our upstreams use it to generate their prefix filters (and not all of 
them support multiple databases) and as a result we require all our downstream 
customers to have their AS/route objects within the RIPE database as well.

As such I oppose removing the functionality to register "foreign route objects" 
and instead support that a proper verification solution between the different 
RIR's should be implemented (some examples described in this thread).


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