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On 11/08/2017, 05:14, Randy Bush via db-wg      typed:
>> databases. It's that they never have, and it's just the "way things
>> have been done". It's always ended up that they *can* support multiple
>> databases if asked to.
> when negotiating with a prospective peer, i would rather not add "you
> will have to change operational practice and code for this to work."

That is a good point. I would also rather not, generally. And that is the basis 
of my original fears around this something like a year ago.

What I found in practise (so far) has been that when stated not as "you will 
*have* to change operations", but as "would it be possible for you to change 
operations for me?", the answer has usually been "Ok".

I have to be honest, that was a surprise.

- Daniel

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