I would like to publish information in the RIPE database based on what my 
single-source-of-truth configuration management system knows and not what I 
sort of remember when I kind of get around to updating RIPE.  Fortunately, 
there is a splendid looking API for this.  

The most recent and complete documentation that I can find with support from a 
search engine is https://github.com/RIPE-NCC/whois/wiki/WHOIS-REST-API.  On the 
subject of Authentication, the document says: "Currently only passwords are 
supported to authenticate updates”.  Is this still up to date and entirely 
true?  Does it mean MD5 password or does this mean I should be able to use 
something based on my SSO authentication pair to generate a password field?

I thought that MD5 had been deprecated in circa. 2015? 

What is the current best practice for handling Auth on HTTP API updates to the 
RIPE database, and is there a roadmap for change that I can consider as I write 
my tools to publish and maintain objects?

Thanks for your help, database-wg & NCC experts,

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