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Peter Thimmesch
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On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:56 AM, Lu Heng 
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Internet is one, and this is a general problem of all Afrinic space, just
don’t make it personal please.

I didn't intend to make anything personal, so phrased differently:
What you highlight is ultimately a problem between AfriNIC members and
the AfriNIC organisation.

I hope Afrinic fix it rather soon that way every thing works, until then,
prevent network change is one way of breaking it.

I am sympathetic, but RIPE has no obligation to keep a glaring
security hole open to accommodate another RIR's lack of expedience.

As I mentioned at the microphone at the last DB-WG session, right now
I can simply register ALL not-yet-registered IP space in the RIPE NCC
database and in doing so lock out anyone else from making any
registrations for non-RIPE-managed space. There is nothing in place to
stop anyone from doing so, this would immediately fix the security
problem. I hope this both illustrates the size of the security hole
and the problem of any business process relying on the existence of
the hole.

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