I have uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.56 to the CPAN (1.54 was skipped due to an indexing 

Here are the changes since the 1.52:

1.53_2 2016-02-03


  Add new FAQs

1.53_1 2015-10-16


  Strictly speaking this is a bug fix to DBI and not DBD::ODBC but DBI
  now supports 64 bit row counts where an IV in perl is 64 bits. However, it
  necessitated changes to DBD::ODBC to pick up the fix. odbc_rows (my workaround
  since 2012) is still supported but should no longer be required so long as you
  use this DBD::ODBC and DBI 1.633_92 or above.


  Removed dbd_st_rows and now setting DBIc_ROW_COUNT.


  Add tables and table_info section to deviations from the DBI spec.


  Change column name in t/rt_101579.t as "method" is a reserved word
  in. Teradata Thanks to Zhenyi Zhou.

  Remove duplicate dynamic_config from META.yml.


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