Dear Perl and MySQL developer community,

I’m pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql 4.037_01. This release 
contains the following fixes:

* Newest versions of libmysqlclient and the MariaDB C connector no longer 
export the __WIN__ macro. If this macro is not present we would not compile in 
the poll.h-based async-support. Changed to use the _WIN32 macro instead. Thanks 
to Sergei Golubchik for suggesting the fix.
* Fix from Pali Rohár (Thank you!) to not use unsafe sprintf with variable 
length, cleanup to bind logic and better pointer validation, and added test 

Again, thanks to my friend and former MySQL colleague Sergei Golubchik, 
contributor Pali Rohár, and co-maintainer Michiel Beijen for their work! 
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