Almost 4 years[1] to the day of the first commits toying with the idea, 
the constructor rewrite / prefetch modernization project seems to be 
nearing completion. At least it passes enough tests to be deemed a CPAN
experimental release candidate, which *should not* eat your data.

So what is in this release? - First the notable parts of the changelog:

    * New Features / Changes
        - Rewrite from scratch the result constructor codepath - many bugfixes
          and performance improvements (the current codebase is now capable of
          outperforming both DBIx::DataModel and Rose::DB::Object on some
          workloads). Some notable benefits:
          - Multiple has_many prefetch
          - Partial prefetch - you now can select only columns you are
            interested in, while preserving the collapse functionality
            (collapse is now exposed as a first-class API attribute)
          - Prefetch of resultsets with arbitrary order
            (RT#54949, RT#74024, RT#74584)
          - Prefetch no longer inserts right-side table order_by clauses
            (massively helps the deficient MySQL optimizer)
        - Massively optimize codepath around ->cursor(), over 10x speedup
          on some iterating workloads.

Yes, you are reading this right - in addition to many of the structural 
improvements DBIC now is pretty damn fast. All while maintaining 100% 
backwards compatibility our users have grown to expect. Some numbers on 
non-threaded perl 5.16.2 (DBI: 1.623, DBD::SQLite: 1.37, RDBO: 0.804, 
DBIx::DM: 2.31 )

- Laurent Dami's benchmarks [2][3] from his talk at FPW2012 [4]
Numbers before (DBIC 0.08206):
Numbers after (DBIC 0.08240-TRIAL):

- A *part* of the RDBO benchmark suite [5](svn) (DBIC needs further
optimizations to win more of these benchmarks):
Numbers before (DBIC 0.08206):
Numbers after (DBIC 0.08240-TRIAL):

Pretty damn good I must say. Also keep in mind that none of this requires
any changes to your code. In fact if something works with 0.08206 but
*does not* function under 0.08240 - this is a bug and it needs to be fixed
before we go for GA.

Speed is good - but what about these new features? From here on you get
more fine-grained control over your selection. Prefetch[6] is now a thin
wrapper around join/+columns/collapse, and while you can use it like
you did before you no longer have to. Instead you can do things like
this [7], or this [8]. You should receive the result you would otherwise
assemble manually, but much much faster. And random order works too, just
as described in [9].

The changeset is massive, and does not easily yield to review. This is why
the dev team needs your help - PLEASE TEST THIS RELEASE. Really test it
stress it and bend it. Complain if a result doesn't match your
expectations. Complain if the performance seems to take a nosedive on a
specific workload. Whatever you are unhappy with - let us know.

If despite all warnings you want to subject your eyes to the workhorse
behind these improvements - check out [10] (but you have been warned :))
A thing to note is that the *really gnarly* code assemblers are all
nicely tucked behind an interface [11] with minimal dependency on DBIC.
In other words the collapser generator is ready to be extracted as a
standalone CPAN offering (the DBIC dev-team would like this *very*

So that should be in for now - please give it a try and let us know
where/how we screwed things up. And if you are rather happy with
what you see - we can always use a ++ on metacpan ;P


[1] Proof that benchmarking against walltime is a very bad idea ;)

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