Another release of the experimental constructor rewrite just hit CPAN.
Please grab and test 0.08241-TRIAL from our nearest mirror [1]. You
can install the release in question by simply executing:

  cpan R/RI/RIBASUSHI/DBIx-Class-0.08241-TRIAL.tar.gz



If the previous experimental release 0.08240 worked for you without
any glitches - the same should be true for 0.08241. If you have not yet
tested - PLEASE DO SO. If the release team does not hear anything within
a couple of weeks this will become the official 0.08250, and you will get
little sympathy if it ends up breaking your production afterwards ;)

A minimal amount of changes, mostly dealing with providing even more
compatibility with existing codebases. The notable change as described
in the commit message of 52864fbd [2]

    . . . we no longer take an educated guess when to prune.
    Instead we mark each null-branch by simply blessing its containing
    arrayref. This allows us to keep the arguments to inflate_result 100%
    backwards compatible, while at the same time allowing "enlightened"
    inflate_result implementations to skip over the dead branches with
    minimal effort.
    Both ::Row::inflate_result and ::HRI::inflate_result were adjusted to
    react correctly to these marks. As a result the HRI folder gained
    another 5% speedup (unless sidestepped by the direct-to-HRI code, which
    is naturally much much more efficient).

Cheers and thanks for testing!


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