I'm poking on this just to see if anyone can provide some ideas on
approaches to consider.

The use case is a sharded infrastructure where, for example, a user table
would be on every shard.  So, you might want to ask "which database shards
have user rows with a given email address?"   And then assign the session
to that shard.

Or likewise, instead of using partial table replication to each shard (for
some common relational data) be able to do a parallel update.

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Bill Moseley <mose...@hank.org> wrote:

> Just curious if anyone has suggestions for running parallel queries with
> DBIC -- same schema on many database machines.
> Anyone have experience with POE::Component::MDBA::Backend::DBIC?   From
> 2007 and still "Alpha".
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> Bill Moseley
> mose...@hank.org

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