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Hi all,

In my db, a Project has many Jobs. I have a query on Projects where
I want to:

1. Sort the jobs of each project by a particular column on the Jobs table
2. Only include jobs that satisfy some criterion, without excluding
    projects where no such jobs exist (i.e. add a condition to JOIN ON,
    not WHERE)

Are either of these possible with a single search on Projects?
Currently we're breaking it up into two queries.
Both are possible using usual syntax (and a custom-condition
relationship) in a single query using the 0.08242 or greater (not yet
released) version.
So something like (using Catalyst in my project):

$c->model('DB::Projects')->search({ "jobs.hidden" => 0} {order_by =>
"jobs.name" })

Almost - jobs.hidden will produce a WHERE condition (what you do not
want). Instead you want to declare a *new* relationship like this:

Ah, I see. So I guess there's no way to do this without modifying
the schema?
Not currently, however - what is so scary/undesirable about "modifying the 
schema" ?

That is a real question - you are not the first to word things thusly. I
need to figure out where the fear to add an extra definition is coming

Currently, the schema files are purely generated from the sql schema, created at build time. I know that Schema::Loader leaves an area of the file unchanged between invocations, but I generally prefer a clean separation between generated code and hand-written code. If that's the only way to do it, though, it's not a deal-breaker or anything.



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