From: "Peter Rabbitson" <>
> what is so scary/undesirable about "modifying the schema" ?
> That is a real question - you are not the first to word things thusly. I 
> need to figure out where the fear to add an extra definition is coming 
> from.
> Cheers

I can tell you my source of fear of adding custom code to Result and ResultSet 

If I add the code directly in other modules where I need to access DBIC, when I 
don't need that code, I can change it or delete it and it is all right.
If I add code in Result/ResultSet modules, I can't do the same thing very easy, 
because I don't know if that code is not used in some other place, and I need 
to search/grep trying to find if a certain method is used somewhere else, and 
if it is, modify it in all the places to expect the same arguments.

So I tend to create new and new methods and they accumulate and don't create  a 
very clean code.

Is there a way to check easily if a certain method in Result or ResultSet 
modules is used somewhere in the code?


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