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> Hi
> I sent this question about 1 month ago but got no answer. Perhaps there is
> something more I could add to make the question more specific, or I could
> add some information to make it more clear/easy to answer?
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> Vangelis

Ok, I wrote DBIE and I regret ever having given that talk :(  DBIE is
very not ready for public consumption.  I would not recommend anyone
use it at all.  I have not given up on it and even use it here and
there at work, but it is missing a few major pieces.

 1: We need to be able to accurately introspect a significant number
 of facts from the $dbh, such as the backend RDBMS, the version of
 said RDBMS, and sometimes even more.  This should be it's own module
 so that DBIE and DBIC and other modules can use it.  In the past I've
 considered implementing it myself with reblessing, the way DBIC does
 it, but people smarter than me recommend a more structured approach,
 where you ask for each rebless in turn when you need it.  If I had
 the wherewithal for it I'd pay money for this to be implemented.  It
 is a very useful thing that a lot of people don't even know they need
 (because they assume people only use Pg or Mysql.)

 2: We need both offline (mocked) tests and online tests.  The offline
 ones are critical for any kind of serious dev, the online are
 critical for us to keep the project going as new databases are
 released, so we can figure out what new errors look like.

Some of the hard problems from when I started DBIE are actually
solved, for instance when I started I used the abhorrent
Exception::Class, but now that Throwable has been ported to Moo that's
a perfectly good solution.

I guess if someone out there could help me implement a design spec for
"DBIx::DBH::Introspector" (ribasushi?  mst?) or the online/offline test
suite for 4 exceptions and 3 databases, say:

                  MySQL   PG    SQLite

That would be enough for me to attempt going forward.  Otherwise,
don't hold your breath, it could be a while :)

Lastly, if you can't wait, you might want to look at DBIx::Error.
It's a simpler module that (afaik) only supports Pg.

fREW Schmidt

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