Hi Brendan,

we have a Catalyst App with about 100 dbix result classes defined in schema. We 
use dbix::journal for logging and want to use some tool for managing db 
migrations before rolling out that app.

We expected dbix::Class::migration to work out of the box with 
dbix::class::journal, but non of the journal classes shows off in the generated 
files, e.g. the 001-auto.sql
So I guess this is a generic problem due to the way dbix::class::journal 
changes the schema when be instantiated. As Dbix::Class::Auditlog borrows code 
from that module I guess it might have the same problems.

I guess that someone of the users here on the ML might also have such complex 
apps and I'd like to learn from their experiences and solutions :)

Best greets,


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Betreff: Re: [Dbix-class] WG: using DBIx::Class::Migration with Journal

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 3:58 PM, Mario Minati 
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can anyone help?

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Betreff: [Dbix-class] using DBIx::Class::Migration with Journal


I'd like to combine the usage of DBIx::Class::Migration with 
DBIx::Class::Journal but setting up a test environment doesn't show the tables 
created from Journal.

Is this a general problem that both modules do not work together or can this be 
healed by any extra params / settings?

If DBIx::Class::Journal doesn't work is there maybe any other Journaling module 
that can be used with DBIx::Class::Migration?

There isn't a lot of information here.  What commands did you try?  What is 
your environment?  Where there any error messages?

If I were to take a complete SWAG, it might partially to do with Journal's 
subclassing with DBIx::Class, but Migration doesn't seem to do the same thing, 
and I'm not familiar enough with the latter.  I have used DBIx::Class::AuditLog 
in the past, so that might be an option to try out.

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