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Sorry, realized that I wasn't on the plain ol' DBIC ML, so I didn't get
this initially.  Message threading might be odd here...

On Thu Apr 4 10:04:06 GMT 2013, Peter Rabbitson wrote:
> > Perhaps we should have a separate test-less
> > DBIx::Class::ExtendedManual dist which is a direct dependency of
> > DBIx::Class?
> ++ to that

Well... Daxim, Abraxxa, Castaway, SineSwiper - who wants to tackle that?
This way we get the reference manual remain in core (and get updated
with code) and the tutorials etc being maintained separately (which is
safe given our commitment to backwards comp).

I like that, though links to it should be everywhere throughout DBIC.
 Castaway, don't you already have a separate distro for DBIC docs

There's ::Tutorial and ::SQLHackers, both separate pieces. I think we're after the entire Manual, so I'd suggest starting a new one.

DocMap might still want to have links to them, too.

Yes there should still be links to said Manual docs in the main distro, as long as its a dep this will work fine.


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