So, it seems to me that -


are generally accepted by everybody other than riba who's expressed an
opinion (and I find it hard to believe at this point that any such proposal
is going to make him happy, sadly)

but I still think five is a saner number.

However, since my thought of 'maybe an extra voice of stability' seems to've
taken a certain degree of criticism, and it's clear riba isn't going to
nominate somebody as any sort of voice:

Please somebody make a suggestion.

We're trying to end up with a result that the community is happy with here,
so I think "figure out what part of that team makeup seems weakest to you
and suggest somebody to help fix that" would be great - maybe you want a
stability person, maybe a usability advocate, maybe just somebody to be
'the voice of the non-core-dev users' - or maybe there's some other gap
I've missed. Ladies, gentlemen, and mongers, the floor is yours :)

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