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2) I gravely misjudged how far the user community drifted from the unanimous endorsement[3] 3 years ago of the following (I quote):

Would DBIx::Class benefit more from my continued, albeit somewhat
abrasive, presence at the helm (which implies continuous rejection
of "worse is better", slow and careful "ready when ready"-style
release cycles, multiple layers of checks and testing, and generally
slow vetting and acceptance of external contributions)?

The person I was going to hand an *exclusive* FIRSTCOME to, would be among other things relying on a steadfast, demanding and uncompromising user community to keep them honest. The threads demonstrated that this community of users no longer exists (or perhaps they are silent, which in the end would have the same effect).

[3] http://blogs.perl.org/users/peter_rabbitson/2013/07/crowdsourcing-self-confidence.html#comments

I don't think what you're seeing is a drift in the community. I'm pretty sure the community still thinks exactly as it did back then.

You asked them specifically whether you should be taking a strong position *at the helm*. You got responses encouraging you to take leadership in development, comparing it to a pumpking situation, mentions of BDFL, and a general wish for your continued involvement.

These all give you considerable power, but they all are based around you being there, active, and development happening.

Note the details of the wording: A leader has leadership only when he actualls leads; a pumpking is specifically a community-chosen person who decides which patches get in; a BDFL is a dictator *for life*; involvement can't be continued in absentia.

All of the endorsement i read there is given to you being there and doing things.

Then you started talking vaguely of "freeze" and taking comaints away.

What you have here is not a community that changed, but one that cheered you on with a particularly understanding of purpose, and which you scared by hinting at acting entirely opposite said purpose, and refusing to tell more when asked about it.

Heck, personally i'm still not entirely sure i disagree with your plan, if only because i don't yet understand what it actually was, and i'm sure many more are in the same boat.

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