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> On 10/12/2016 04:01 PM, David Golden wrote:
>> It would be helpful if we could go through your last update and
>> understand if there is still outstanding work you feel you could
>> deliver
> David, you vacated my position as a "project owner", so there is nothing
> to deliver in this capacity. Your wording seems to place me on the hook for
> some work that I am obligated to perform, which I find... strange.
That was not my intent and I apologize for making you feel that way.  I
don't think you're obligated to deliver anything.  I'm asking if there is
anything you feel you could deliver – which is an explicit opportunity for
you to say "no" and thus is not a demand.

Your various emails give the impression that – if the project were going to
continue under your unilateral control for a period of weeks or less – you
were planning to do a bit of final work in preparation for a successor to
carry out a "freeze"  (bad word for it, I know, but I don't have another).
That suggests:

(a) there is not a lot of work to do (days or weeks, not months of work)
(b) the work contributes to stability
(c) you see it as essential for a "freeze" and responsible handover

By saying that you won't do this work because the community isn't
supporting your vision for the future of the project (or because you feel
your position was "vacated"), it's not clear whether that refusal is

(1) you are demotivated to do further work because the outcome isn't what
you intended
(2) the work is no longer necessary because the outcome isn't what you
(3) you wish to punish the community or PAUSE admins for not taking your

I don't think it's #3 (and didn't even think it a possibility until your
statement that I noted sounded like a threat).  My questions are trying to
determine whether it's #1 or #2.  I don't judge you for #1 if that's what
it is – it would be a reasonable person's reaction to the situation, but I
was asking you to differentiate #1 and #2 and, if #1, consider what you
could feel motivated to do – possibly short of the actual weeks of work you
had originally intended – as part of a responsible hand-off to help whoever
is next.  If the answer is "nothing more than what I said before – that
I'll be around to answer questions", that's a valid answer as well.

 Let's... ease the pointy questions and the demands?

You might want to consider re-calibrating what you are interpreting as
"pointy".  When I say something like "It would be helpful if we could...
understand if there is still outstanding work you feel you could
deliver...", I think that is pretty far from being either pointy or
demanding.  Phrases like "helpful", "understand" and "you feel you could"
are all signals that I'm trying to defer to your feelings about the


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