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On 10/12/2016 08:25 PM, Christian Walde wrote:

I don't think what you're seeing is a drift in the community. I'm pretty
sure the community still thinks exactly as it did back then.

You asked them specifically whether you should be taking a strong
position *at the helm*. You got responses encouraging you to take
leadership in development, comparing it to a pumpking situation,
mentions of BDFL, and a general wish for your continued involvement.

From where I stand I mainly asked the quoted part: should I keep saying no to eager developers. I agree with you that the buildup to that important to me question might have misdirected the responders. Believe me - it was not my intention in any shape or form.

I will elaborate on the other part of your email in a day or two.

That makes sense, and parsing it as a misunderstanding sounds reasonable.

To make the complication of communicating the intent correctly here even more clear though: Even the intent of "should i keep saying no" would maybe not have been fulfilled by your intended course as far as i understand it, given that it wouldn't have been you saying no anymore.

The trust that was spoken out to you was spoken out specifically to your person and given the lack of information i have at the moment regarding the originally intended future, it's not clear-cut (though entirely possible) whether that trust would've extended to you being replaced by another person.

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Christian Walde

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