On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 2:38 AM, Peter Rabbitson <rabbit+d...@rabbit.us>

> The dispute has *not* been resolved. The PAUSE admins simply pushed one of
> the disputing parties out.
Peter, your choice of words like "forfeit" and "not the right person to
captain this ship" and your request for PAUSE administrators to choose what
happens next and "push the button" and so on indicate that you acknowledge
you don't have the support you thought you did that would justify your
claim of moral authority to enact your plan.  Thus, through your own
actions – not that of PAUSE administrators – the dispute is resolved.

A resolution within the community – arrived at via discussion – is what the
PAUSE administrators felt would be the best way to resolve this dispute.
Because you initially refused to recognize the dispute, refused to discuss
your plans with your fellow maintainers or community, and seemed resolute
on acting in secret without consultation, we prohibited you from proceeding
in such a unilateral fashion so as to force discussion to occur.  We
believe the subsequent discussion and resolution within the community
rather than by external fiat is ample evidence of the wisdom of that


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