> Each non-VM LS may post +1 or -1, and the aggregate of those form the LAV,
> which is +1 if the total is positive, -1 if negative, or abstain if 0.
> Voting closes after 72 hours of the last vote by anybody or after the
> outcome can no longer be affected by further votes.

In the interests of "stability" ... I'd suggest:


Each non-VM LS may post +1, -1 or abstain (which can cancel out a previous +1 
or -1 vote).  The last vote posted is that user's final vote.  The aggregate of 
those from the LAV will be -1 unless the total +1s exceed the -1s by at least 
10%, in which case it is +1.

All -1s, whether from VM or non-VM, SHOULD include a reason, as in what is 
preventing them from voting +1, so that patches to that effect could be 


The first paragraph here introduces a mild bias towards caution.  The second 
introduces a mild bias towards progress (which is not the same as change).  
Note that the abstain here is slightly based on the "=0" option for voting on 
perlmonks - before that was introduced, someone could accidentally click on a 
++ or -- and have no way to undo that click without reloading the page prior 
to submitting other votes.

And thus, my vote for your proposal, Matt, is: "-1, because it's missing these 
modifications."  :)

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