On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 01:24:01PM -0400, Ashley Pond V wrote:
> This starts to feel like a corporate process that will be tuned out by
> what little community participates. Will more than two or three users
> engage with this? Will they follow the code closely enough to have a
> valid opinion?

This was as little ceremony as I could add around a list-as-fifth-slot and
still have something that seemed like it would work.

And ... I dunno. We used to have some pretty wide ranging discussions in the
Olde Days, I'm hoping we can get back to that again.

Even if what we end up with is the list mostly just nodding through what
the core team decides, this system at least forces the core team to propose
and decide in public, so it still seems like a net win over "trust the core
team" alone.
> As far as stability goes, I'd like to see—actually, I'd like to insist
> upon but I'm not a core dev so don't have the right—a performance
> benchmark in the dist of the last few releases so it's clear when and
> what code causes a change. DBIC won some extremely welcome performance
> gains under RIBASUSHI and I don’t think it would be reasonable to ever
> give them up for the sake of new development.

I'd love to see a decent set of benchmarks written and become a standard
thing to run before discussing a branch merge.

I would not like to commit to "ever" because a lot of the optimisation has
involved manual inlining and unrolling of recursion, and at some point we
may hit a situation where in order to make it possible to add a feature
outside of core something needs to be un-inlined to render it subclassable
- and while riba's provided prior art for how to minimise the impact of that
there would still likely be a slight slowdown, and I think that would need
to be debated on the merits at the time.

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