Ashley> This starts to feel like a corporate process that will be
Ashley> tuned out by what little community participates. Will more
Ashley> than two or three users engage with this? Will they follow the
Ashley> code closely enough to have a valid opinion?

Hear hear!  I'm a user, not a developer.  So why should I get much of
a vote even though I'm on the list?  

Ashley> As far as stability goes, I'd like to see—actually, I'd like
Ashley> to insist upon but I'm not a core dev so don't have the
Ashley> right—a performance benchmark in the dist of the last few
Ashley> releases so it's clear when and what code causes a
Ashley> change. DBIC won some extremely welcome performance gains
Ashley> under RIBASUSHI and I don’t think it would be reasonable to
Ashley> ever give them up for the sake of new development.

I'm just amused by all the verbiage flowing by, but no code, cries for
help with the code, etc.  If it's all such a pain in the ass, just
free what's here and fork the project.  Sheesh... that's the open
source way.


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