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> Ashley> This starts to feel like a corporate process that will be
> Ashley> tuned out by what little community participates. Will more
> Ashley> than two or three users engage with this? Will they follow the
> Ashley> code closely enough to have a valid opinion?
> Hear hear!  I'm a user, not a developer.  So why should I get much of
> a vote even though I'm on the list?  

Because, at the end of the day, the software is developed for the
users, so it very much helps if the software goes in the direction that
most benefits the users, and a plan like this helps focus on what users
of the project actually want, rather than what the core developers
*think* the users want.

With regards to the idea of the "fifth seat" being filled by community
voting, it gets a +1 from me; the outlined proposals sound good, and
changes to those proposals can be made later by precisely the same
voting process.

I was going to suggest that a "steering committee" of interested users
be formed, but I'm not sure there's any value in anything more formal
than "the users on the mailing list" - after all, those on the list can
be reasonably expected to be here because they have an interest in the

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