A short mini-update is in order, now that things are somewhat back to normal.

There are couple super-pressing issues that call for an emergency maint release of the 0.0828xx. Namely to unblock the ability of DBD::SQLite to be released, and to fix intermittent issues within the cpantesters infrastructure ( which is currently going down from time to time due to )

I plan to focus my attention on the above exclusively in the coming weeks.

Once the immediate backlog is cleared, I will put out a more substantial description on how I see the medium term activity around this project.

Several notes to start with:
- To ensure no ambiguity: the governance experiment is null and void, the repository will be updated in short order to reflect this - PAUSE permissions have been adjusted to reflect the on-list agreement, current state as follows: curl -sL | zgrep '^DBIx::Class,' - I am *not* planning to pass the project to anyone else in the foreseeable future ( yes, this is in stark contrast with my original thoughts back in 2016, more on that later ) - The github repository has been disconnected from the shadowcat hosted one, and for the time being will act as the "main repo" for upcoming work - All RTs and github PRs continue being taken in consideration, just like before. If you do not receive a reply to a pressing concern until the end of this month - please ping the issue/ticket in question.

That's it for now, more once 0.082850 takes place

Stay tuned!


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