There appears to be some confusion as to the disposition of the @dbix_class
twitter account, as exemplified by - since I have
(up until now) had no direct involvement in the situation, I thought perhaps
I might attempt to clarify the situation.

As far as I understand it:

The @dbix_class account was originally created some years ago by castaway
(Jess Robinson) as somewhere to publish announcements for DBIx::Class,
SQL::Abstract, SQL::Translator and the rest of the DBIx::Class ecosystem.

Over the years, she was kind enough to share the password with various
members of the community so that they could tweet directly using the account
rather than have to ask her and wait for her to have time to tweet (which
was, at the time, the only way to share access to a twitter account AFAIK).

More recently, such tweets have almost always been posted by @ribasushi,
since he preferred to ship distro releases himself and (quite sensibly)
tweeted them at the same time since he'd been given access to do so.

When the vote to return first-come permissions to ribasushi passed, the
twitter password was left unchanged so that he could continue to tweet
announcements as required (similarly, his and github
permissions were also left untouched, since there seemed no reason to create
additional artificial impediments to a smooth handover of the release rights
for the distribution).

On Jan 21st, without having made any attempt to contact castaway to discuss
the matter with her, @ribasushi changed the email address and password on
the account; seeing herself suddenly and without warning locked out of an
account she'd created, castaway submitted a request to twitter support to
have the credentials reset back to what they'd always been.

John Napiorkowski was kind enough to try and convince riba that discussing
the situation with castaway might be a more constructive approach, but so far
as I'm aware he's chosen not to initiate such a discussion as yet.

Given it appears from the aforementioned tweet that riba now accepts that
the account will be remaining under castaway's ownership going forwards, I
would suggest that there are two easy possibilities to maintain @dbix_class
as an all-community announce account while still allowing riba to put out
whatever announcements he wants -

1) Go back to the old system wherein somebody simply asks castaway to put out
a tweet when necessary.

2) Create an @dbix_class_core (or other name to taste) account that @ribasushi
has sole control of, and castaway says she'd be entirely happy to retweet that
account so that there's still an @dbix_class combined feed as well.

(though note that both offers may not be implementable immediately, since it
appears that one or more additional subsequent attempts to take control of
the account have left it in a limbo state where it can't be accessed at all
and castaway is currently waiting on twitter support to resolve this)

Note that I have no actual decision making power in this matter but since I
was named in the tweet I felt it behooved me to understand and summarise the
situation in the hopes that would clear the air and let us move forwards; if
there's some reason neither option 1 nor 2 that I've outlined would be
suitable, I would suggest in that case a discussion of alternative options
would be the next step most likely to be constructive.

  -- mst, out.

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