May I make a suggestion?

* I think it's good that DBIC has its own "official" Twitter account
with the name @dbix_class
* I think that account should be run by ribasushi
* I think that Jess and the other people who have been contributing to
the existing account over the years deserve some recognition for the
work they've put it.

So I suggest that Jess changes the name of the existing account to
something like @dbic_news or @dbic_projects. That then frees up the
@dbix_class name so that ribasushi can register it as a new account
under his complete control.

That way, ribasushi gets an official account under the best name and
Jess hangs on to her account with its existing audience. It would be
nice if the existing account could tweet a link to the new, official,
account when it is set up, but I can see why Jess might not be
disposed to do that.

Oh, and I think that ribasushi owes a couple of apologies. Firstly, to
Jess for taking her Twiter account without talking to her about it
first, and secondly, to mst for accusing him of something that it now
seems clear he had no involvement it.

How does that sound?


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