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Also your example with CD and liner_notes is very different from mine.

You are absolutely correct. Apologies, I misread your question pre-coffe. Your *actual* relationship-type is "belongs_to", see the same RT comment I linked earlier.

All I wanted from multi-creation was to create related record first without any attempt to find it before (and reuse its id). The more I look into DBIC code, the more it seems to me that is impossible to define relationships that way and I will need to create the related object first manually. Am I correct?

Almost. "multicreate" heavily depends on how the "directionality" of the structure you give it maps to the directions of the dependency-type ( belongs_to vs might_have/has_many ).

When your "nested" portion of the multicreate structure is "a thing that I refer to which can bestandalone" - a find is fired before the create invariably ( what you are observing ).

You still *can* use the multicreate functionality by reversing the order: create an address that includes as a sub-structure the customer. Then everything will work as you expect. If this is undesirable ( your main return value will be the address ) then you can could: my $cust = ->result("Address")->create( \%addr_data )->create_related( \%cust_data )

Hope this helps!

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