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Hi! Sorry for the delay - my availability is low for the next couple weeks. See end of email for a robust workaround.

The reason I am concerned about this ...

Yes, this is a legitimate problem, thank you for finding and reporting it! ( although in the future please consider contacting an author directly in private when a potential vulnerability has been identified - doing so publicly is somewhat suboptimal )

It does not replace sanitising user input (which I should do!)


but maybe either the documentation should be changed

Possibly. While the documentation is essentially correct from DBIC's perspective, it got invalidated when an unsupervised inexperienced contributor added support for function-in-update to SQLA back in [1]

or the handling of references in store_column.

It's not as much references, it is a semantical clash. I *suspect* ( though have not fully thought this through ) that DBICs side should unconditionally utilize the -value operator somewhere deep in the SQLMaker hand-off. I will have to get back to you on that.

My quick fix for my application was to override store_column and die if it gets 
a reference (for data_types that shouldn't get them).

This is not a great fix - data_type is essentially free form and is never validated: it can be both anything and incorrect.

A solid fix for all of the above ( and potentially similar issues ) would be to augment the already-existing injection guard [2] to explicitly look for

qr/ \b (?: SELECT | UPDATE | DELETE | INSERT ) \b /ix

I suspect this should go into the default set shipped with SQL::Abstract [3] , but have not yet done any testing / analysis of how much impact this would have.

As a first step I'd recommend you contact the mojolicious people with this workaround, as they currently seem to be the primary driver behind SQLA things.


[1] https://github.com/dbsrgits/sql-abstract/commit/0ec3aec7
[2] https://metacpan.org/pod/SQL::Abstract#injection_guard
[3] https://metacpan.org/source/ILMARI/SQL-Abstract-1.85/lib/SQL/Abstract.pm#L187-191

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