I just upgraded my perl to 5.26.2, DBIx::Class 0.82.841

My DBIx::Class code using an Oracle database then failed because it was making 
SQL where instead of a table alias, e.g. "display_status", was inserting the 

The "_shorten_identifer" method is in DBIx::Class::SQLMaker::Oracle. It appears 
that this BEGIN block:

  use DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies;
  die('The following extra modules are required for Oracle-based Storages ' . 
DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies->req_missing_for ('id_shortener') . "\n" )
    unless DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies->req_ok_for ('id_shortener');

at the top of DBIx::Class::SQLMaker::Oracle was not fatal. One of the 
dependencies for "id_shortener" is Math::Base36, which I didn't have installed. 
I guess something is trapping the die. I don't understand where the capitalised 
method + argument string is coming from!

Having got this far I wasn't inclined to dig further into the magic guts of 


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