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> This seems like a simple schema, not sure what caching would buy you unless 
> the DB is not a local service on the same box or network (or getting several 
> hundred requests per second).

Yeah, it's definitely getting hundreds of requests a second :)

> Generally, in my apps when it comes to more complex queries, I first write 
> the query in raw SQL and benchmark it. Then I convert it over to a DBIC 
> resultset (which normally means using the prefetch option) and bench mark 
> that. If it much slower than the raw SQL query, I might look into only 
> fetching the columns I need (via the 'columns => []' property). If that 
> doesn't speed it up enough, I'll then switch to using the hashref inflator 
> resultsource class which usually brings it right in line raw SQL performance.

Right, of course. But that doesn't making a compelling case to migrate to DBIC 
class. I already have an ad-hoc SQL version which has been benchmarked and 
optimised. It's the abstraction that I want.


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